On this show we provide evidence to the claim that everyone has a story to tell.  And maybe you’ve told that story twice.  And then again.  Again.  Then maybe it’s the best story you know how to tell.  Then it’s your people telling your other people, “Ask ___(you)___ about a toboggan”.  It’s the story we tell around the campfire when we warm our hands and ears are open.  The story we tell on the first date to conjure laughter from across the table.  The story that brings the party to a huddle and the night becomes a brimming reservoir of curiosity and superstitious happenstance.

These stories are about ourselves or stories we heard about someone else— about the heat wave of 88’ when your Geo Metro broke down between here and Flagstaff and a traveling clown gave you a ride with the windows down. Or your Uncle Bruce’s all too convincing UFO sighting retold every thanksgiving.

These stories are heartwarming or disturbing, God’s honest truth or a load of bunk.  To put it simply, these stories are good stories: moving, memorable, and repeatable.

The purpose of this show is to cultivate the stories that come from your neighbors’ mouths, give them a megaphone and show that a small town county is, without exception, full of big stories.  Stories are what turn a community into a place of characters.  Let’s become familiar.  This is an icebreaker, where old news is encouraged.

Each episode we have a new guest, each episode, a new story.

The second component of this show is music.  Music to show how stories find new expression in other mediums and art forms that place us deeper into a / the thatching / Thatching.  Each episode there will be an originally curated mixtape that aligns with the story, not necessarily stylistically, but thematically.  In one show we may hear from the Mamas and the Papas, Johann Sebastian Bach, and the Sex Pistols.  So listen close and connect the dots.


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